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Frequently Asked Questions

“How does the price of concrete compare to granite?”

Granite has a very high material cost and a relatively low labour cost associated with it, whereas concrete is the opposite (more labour cost, less material cost). All-in-all, the two are relatively comparable in overall price.

“Can I just buy a bag or two of concrete mix from Home Depot and pour my own tops?”

You could,but we don’t advise it. Normal pre-blended concrete is very susceptible to cracking, shrinking and curling. The way we describe our product is “concrete on steroids”. We use a proprietary mix of ingredients to build our concrete stronger than you thought possible allowing us to shed weight while at the same time gain very rapid strength and significantly reduce shrinking, cracking and curling.

“Will my concrete stain, scratch or etch?”

Historically concrete countertops have gained the reputation of being prone to staining and etching. With modern advancements in coating technology, this is no longer the case. We believe the sealer to be the most important part of our product. It is the only thing that separates you from your masterpiece. That is why we have done our research and use the most recognized and scientifically advanced coating system known to the market today. It’s a fantastic coating but this does not mean its bullet proof. If a sharp heavy object (such as a knife) drags overtop of the sealer, it will most likely scratch or cut through it. If a dab of mustard is left on the countertop for a week, it may discolour the coating. With that being said, as long as you are mindful to not cut directly on your countertops or leave staining agents on your tops for excessive periods, this particular coating should last you the entire life of your concrete tops, maintenance free!

For information on how to care for your concrete, follow this link.[/accordion-item]

“How long is my kitchen going to be out of commission for while you pour these things?”

Not very long. Everything we do is pre-cast in a controlled environment to make sure that you are getting the best product possible. We do not cast your countertop in your home for countless reasons (taking way too long being one of those reasons). Basically we come in and template (overtop of your existing counters if they are there) and in a few weeks we come back and install. There is a minuscule inconvenience to endure.

“Can I expect the exact same results time and time again?”

Mild variations such as colour changes across sample and production pieces are to be expected and should be welcomed! Mild variations can be attributed to uncontrollable factors such as cement and other raw material production inconsistencies. We embrace the slight natural variations that come with concrete rather than try to make everything plastic-perfect. Your piece is completely unique!

“Got any fun facts for me?”

Yup! All sand and aggregate used in our proprietary mix comes from the ground around the Kamloops area. Talk about buying locally!